Chasing Shadows

by Mr. Pan[k]sament

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Adult entertainment killing our children or killing our children entertaining adults?

"Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Why nudity is considered offensive, but political speeches not?
Why pornography is considered harmful and it's rated and banned, but all of us and mainly our children can watch on TV and see all around advertisements for Coca-Cola, McDonald's and on and on?
Sex is over-rated, war not, pornography is forbidden, but a whole world could watch live on TV the Golf War...
Why - for God sake! - tobacco, a naturally growing plant it becomes almost illegal, but all that chemicals (like E 123, E 239, E 621, etc) in our daily food are legal? You can quit smoking, but you will die of cancer anyway eating all those junks.
I tell you people, something is very-very wrong. Everything is wrong.
The guidelines of our society are misleading. It was a long way from homo sapience to the... consumer. And we're all so lost.
...And "Yes, We Can" it's just another bad joke while we don't even think about and not even try, but we're all just swallow it. It's always someone else is job or responsibility.
(Stupid) slogans won't work, will not save us...
This is a turning point, the end of something and the beginning of something. A new situation demands new approaches, new solutions.
This is the end of the capitalism as we know it. And hell yeah, I feel goddamn fine.

Enough with the talking! I switched the microphone for the piano and now I'm running too much my mouth! After all it's nothing but 48.29 minutes of... music.

And here we go again. This is the new album, sincerely I didn't plan anything, it just came out and I put it together in less than a month. Music - after all - it's not brain surgery and it's - or it should be - about feelings and expression of the self.
Secondly I'd like to clarify - this is contemporary music, I'm sick of labels, categories, tags and any kind of classifications and I really don't try to be commercial friendly and satisfy the needs of any market, at least I try to satisfy my own needs and eventually any individual needs of enjoy the music just as it is. A goddamn heavy guitar riff get along with the saxophone or the piano, it works for me. A modern dance groove with a Jazz tune make a nice pair.
So, this album is like a soundtrack for... life. Every and each one of us playing the main role and the music comes along.
It's been a long - and hard - road from the Post-Punk/Metal stage where I started more than two decades ago to this, but I have no regrets.

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released October 13, 2010

Attila Brushvox - music, arrangements, recordings, editing, mixing, mastering, art work.



all rights reserved


Mr. Pan[k]sament Romania

I had ended up at the microphone of a garage punk-rock band back in 1988 by mistake and fortune and ever since I'm "doing" music one way or another with different bands, projects or by my own. I played piano, bass, some drums and I learned working with computers, samplers, midi controllers - and stuffs.
I usually work with Propellerhead's Reason, my old Oxygen 8 and the Reaper.
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