Faking the Tree

by Mr. Pan[k]sament

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"3rd season installment from Mr. Pan[k]sament - Bucharest burning gave way to chase, gives way to faking.

when's fake music not a fake? maybe when it is, a fake of fake music !
a fake of a fake tree could be a tree." ( 626.plug-u. net - 626.plug-u.net/media/325/Mr._Pan%5Bk%5Dsament_-_Faking_The_%5BXmas%5D_Tree/ )

The third and probably the darkest (heaviest) album from this actually busy year, but also - I modestly think - this is the most colorful one as well. And also probably the last album for this year too.
Working with 5 guitar players and 1 bass player, using 3 other voices as well brings me back somehow to the good old days jamming in Ernst's basement with my first band Pansament.
From straight, simple (Post) Metal tunes as "(Bang Your Head) Otis" to pure madness action singing, improvisations and Punk Jazz of "(Car Bombs for) Carlos" or turning from Industrial Rock experiments of "Lilith (Sister Disaster)" to the Alternative Jazz Rock tunes of "Wanda's Wedding (Wanderings"), this record has everything. It's a journey and just like any trip it has his own life and story, different moments and moods.

It's Christmas time and I sadly consisted once again that we forget the Spirit and we worship the New "God" reducing everything to... shopping.
Fake trees... fake smiles. The Mona Lisa symptom. I take the title inspired - mentally - by Peter Gabriel's song "Shaking the Tree", but having in mind also one Marilyn Manson line as well: "fake as the wedding cake".
We get used with all the fake things around us and in our lives and souls from the fake orgasms of the women to the fake comfort of our daily job, from the fake smiles of the politicians to the fake smile of our own as we confront with ourselves in the mirror in the morning as we brush our teeth.
Not accidentally I choose 21 of December as releasing date, 21 years ago we had our own small fake revolution. Televised...

Special THANKS to Marius Ghinea, Marian "RiFeOr" Antohy, Radu Winteller ( 626.plug-u.net ) and the guys from Oedip Piaf ( oedip.piaf.independent.ro/listening_room.html/ ).
Also thanks to: David, Carmen, Ernst Hubner, Raul, Romi Petrut, Ciprian "Cipango - Sioux" Trifa, Wim Blom and all my friends (left).

Official site: brushvox.com

Official YouTube Channels:
www.youtube.com/user/brushvox/ )


released December 21, 2010

Music, lyrics, concept, arrangements, editing, mixing, mastering, artwork - Attila Brushvox.

Recordings by Attila Brushvox, Marius Ghinea, Gabriel Grigore and Radu Winteller.

Attila Brushvox - vocals, action singing, piano, virtual horns, keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, programmings, drum programmings, software abuser.
Marius Ghinea - guitars, vocals (2, 8, 12).
Radu Winteller - guitars (2, 6, 12).
Marian "RiFeOr" Antohy - guitars (3, 9, 10).
Grigore - bass, double bass (4, 7, 11).
Serban - guitars, vocals (4, 7, 11).
Zarafu - guitars, vocals (7).



all rights reserved


Mr. Pan[k]sament Romania

I had ended up at the microphone of a garage punk-rock band back in 1988 by mistake and fortune and ever since I'm "doing" music one way or another with different bands, projects or by my own. I played piano, bass, some drums and I learned working with computers, samplers, midi controllers - and stuffs.
I usually work with Propellerhead's Reason, my old Oxygen 8 and the Reaper.
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Track Name: (Bang Your Head) Otis
Bang Your Head

Running out of fuel, running out of roads
Running out of questions, running out of thoughts,
Running out of answers, running out of pills,
Running out of bullets, running out of thrills…

Bang Your Head
Bang your head, bang your head, bang.
Bang Your Head.

Running out of girls, running out of boys,
Running out of friends, running out of toys,
Running out of feelings, running out of beer,
Running out of dreams, I’m running out of here.

Running out of fire, running out of rain,
Running out of sugar, running out of pain,
Running out of sea, running out of sun,
Running out of money, running out of fun…
Track Name: Lilith (Sister Disaster)
Bulletproof smile on the face of disaster
Hit the gas baby, I wanna die faster,
An Angel is crying, the clouds sing your song
The Devil on the backseat says something went wrong.

The Heaven has been canceled, the tickets don’t sell
Won a one way ticket all inclusive in Hell,
The Angel with the Devil play cards on the backseat
I turn off the light and run to the exit…

The World is cracked in two
Nothing’s left to hang on to,
Crack a smile while driving through
Broken light and black and blue.
Black and Blue.

Bulletproof smile on the face of disaster
Hit the gas baby, I wanna die faster,
The Angel is blushing down on her knees
Choke, but don’t swallow, the Devil says please.

They close down the Heaven, Air Condition is broke
The Angel is laughing, the Devil makes jokes,
Too late for tomorrow, so give me a beer
Too late comes too soon, I’ve got out of here…

Heaven Has Been Canceled,
Has Been Canceled (Has Been Canceled)

Nobody is there for you – No Salvation!
Nobody is there for me – No Salvation!
Track Name: (It's Christmas) A Hole Lot of Nothings
The Sun set on your lips
There’s nothing left to say,
The last stab is a kiss
But today is my birthday.

The sky seems broken glass
I walk right through to you,
The knife cuts like a bless
My conscience bleeding blue…

The Sun dies in your eyes
It’s a million miles away,
Hooked up as innocent lies,
But today is my birthday.

My mouth is full of shit
I swallow all the blame,
It all comes down to this
A tear goes up in flame.