One Bullet [REsolution]

by Mr. Pan[k]sament

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Music, arrangements and lyrics: Attila Brushvox
Performed by: Attila Brushvox
Engineering, Editing & Mixing: Attila Brushvox
Artwork: Attila Brushvox

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Expect the unexpected. Can trumpets or saxophones, violins fit into groovy, heavy guitar riffs and noisy industrial sound? Well, it seems yes, they can.
While everything became “indie”, "alternative" or post something, while music seems to be secondary and only additional part of fancy (or not that fancy and inspired) videos, while almost everybody want to be famous for at least 15 minutes (don’t matter how) and everything seems to be a “copy of an imitation”, less and less artists, bands have really something to say, something to share and to send out.
Mr. Pan[k]sament it’s a one-man stand, a “Don Quixote’s kind of way” to do things, explore and express thoughts and feelings, regardless of what it’s trendy and what the large audience and the critics expect.

This is a preliminary mix, a “work in progress” phase of some of the tracks that will be part of the upcoming full-length album: "One Bullet Revolution".


released October 2, 2009

Attila Brushvox



all rights reserved


Mr. Pan[k]sament Romania

I had ended up at the microphone of a garage punk-rock band back in 1988 by mistake and fortune and ever since I'm "doing" music one way or another with different bands, projects or by my own. I played piano, bass, some drums and I learned working with computers, samplers, midi controllers - and stuffs.
I usually work with Propellerhead's Reason, my old Oxygen 8 and the Reaper.
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Track Name: One Bullet [Resolution]
It’s like a gun in my mouth
Stucked in the corner of doubts,
The trigger won’t pull me out
Nothing I can do about.
Questions are nailing me down,
The answers are stains on the wall,
Something it’s wrong, we both know,
The bullet won’t fill up the hole.

It’s like a bill left to pay
No cover for all what we spend,
The system just eat up itself,
This program it runs till the end.
Custom revolution demand,
Like a bottle washed ashore,
Cancel salvation on-line,
But the bullet won’t fill up the hole…

Save a bullet for you…

I save a bullet for you,
My last bullet it’s for you.
Track Name: Pop Floor Of Shame [Death On the Dancefloor] mix 2010
Feels like I’m dancing, acting like a fool,
Let’s do some moonwalk, that should be cool.
Need a stupid hair cut, I should be gay,
Have a Jewish producer, it works that way.
Don’t need la, la, la, la, wear a crazy tie,
Singing only blah, blah, make them laugh or cry.
Need one charting single, steal some rhythm and rhymes,
Timing must be perfect, like the prime-time crimes.

Death on the dance floor!
(Death on the dance floor!)

I’m gonna make it, don’t matter how,
I’m gonna make it, don’t matter how!
Track Name: Vio-lent (mix 2010)
[Viol lent… (slow rape)]

Wake up in strange motion
Sirens screams in my head,
Feels like lost in emotion,
Feels like been already dead.

I need a fuel injection
Poison runs through my veins,
It’s like a lack of reaction,
Misplaced, outside my brain…

One bullet Revolution,
One bullet bail you out.
One shot, one solution,
One blast will wipe you out!