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This is a collection of home recordings with the core of Oedip Piaf ( oedip.piaf.independent.ro/listening_room.html/ ), it's kind of a live journal (logs) of our "work in progress" week by week every Saturday.
It's not about making an album, it's simply about playing music without any borders or constraints.

Official site: brushvox.com
Oedip Piaf: oedip.piaf.independent.ro/listening_room.html/


released February 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Mr. Pan[k]sament Romania

I had ended up at the microphone of a garage punk-rock band back in 1988 by mistake and fortune and ever since I'm "doing" music one way or another with different bands, projects or by my own. I played piano, bass, some drums and I learned working with computers, samplers, midi controllers - and stuffs.
I usually work with Propellerhead's Reason, my old Oxygen 8 and the Reaper.
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Track Name: Ich liebe dich, du ...?
Ich liebe dich, du liebst mich nicht
(No reason)
Track Name: (No) Reason
No reason good enough, no reason
good enough

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason

The reason is a reason good enough

I have been thinking...
there's no reason... good enough

What the fucks the reason for?
No fucking reason

No reason

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason

And I said to myself
fuck all that reasons
there's no reason good enough
to have a real good reason

Good enough

No Reason good enough

Good enough
No reason

No reason is a reason good enough
No reason
(good enough)

No reason!
Track Name: LOVEşte-mă
Oraşul se prelinge zgribulit în tăcere
rupte dintr-un vis par umbrele grele,
şoapte se izbesc de ferestre zidite
privesc spre tavanul împletit din morminte

Mârâie oraşul...

Love, loveşte-mă,

Mârâie oraşul printre dinţii de gheaţă
Un geamăt muşcat mi se lipeşte de faţă,
Unghii viclene se strecoară prin spate
poadeaua este rece, tu-mi şopteşti de departe...

Love, loveşte-mă,
Track Name: Şerpi şi Sedative
Ia să vedem cum sună cu băieţii din orchestră...

Luna când se arată îşi varsă amarul
şi vinul stă să umple, să umple paharul! (Şerban)

Lumini se aprind, amprente pe retile
Miros diluat pe coridoare sterile,
Mesaj dispersat tradus dintr-o privire,
Uitat într-un colţ viitorul e...

Şi Sedative

Semnale din satelit
Ne promit izbăvire
Sedative (Brushvox)
Track Name: Appleogy/Sárga kukac
Sárga kukac, kopasz kupac
Sárga kukac, kopasz kukac

Piros az alma
te mondod, hogy zöld
Bent van a kukac
de a miénk a föld

Piros az alma
te mondod, hogy szép
Bámul a kukac
túl éles a kép

Sárga kukac, kopasz kupac

Piros az alma
te mondod, hogy zöld
Hízik a kukac
mégis lapos a föld

Piros az alma
te mondod, hogy kék
A kukac, hogy sárga
s mi harapjuk még

Piros az alma
te mondod, hogy zöld
és miénk a kukac
míg forog a föld

Sárga kukac, kopasz kukac

Sárga, piros, zöld, kék
milyen szép, milyen szép, milyen szép...

Sárga kukac

Piros az alma
Sárga, zöld, kék.

rough translation:
(Yellow worm, bald piles
Yellow worm, bald maggots

Red is the apple
you say that is green
Inside there is a maggot
but the land is ours

Red is the apple
You're saying that nice
The warm is staring at
the picture is too sharp

Yellow worm, bold pile

Red is the apple
you say that Green
the warm is gain weight
Yet the Earth is still flat

Red apples
You're saying that blue
The worm that is yellow
and we're still bite

Red is the apple
you say that is green
and ours is the maggot
until the Earth still rotates

Yellow worm, bald maggots

Yellow, red, green, blue
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful ...

Yellow Worm

Red is the apple
Yellow, green, blue.)
Track Name: I Hate the Blues (Hardcore version)
Szól a Blues
lefele húz,
Szól a Blues
What the?!

I Hate the Blues...

(I hear the Blues
it brings me down,
I hear the Blues
what the?!)